In House or Outsource Personal Assistant?

Having a dedicated personal assistant not only will help you meet deadlines, but also keep you organized, productive, and more importantly get your life back. I mean your real life not the workaholic life that you are in right now. The role of personal assistant is to free you from time consuming workload, where in you can spend more on what you do best, spend more face to face conversation with your clients, or have a break and spend a vacation with your family. Those are the few of the many benefits you can get by hiring one for your company.

Personal assistants have different skills sets, depending on the nature of your business or what you want to accomplish. There are PAs that are into data processing, they can create and edit documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations for you.

There are also online assistants that are very keen to details and organized. These virtual assistants can help you managing your calendar, to-do lists, appointments, bookings, and other important appointments without missing out.

If you are into lead generation, you can find one that can scrape all this important business information all over the internet or if you have already list, you can assign this task to them and recheck if every contact details exist or was updated.

Personal assistants if properly trained can help you with your business. You can also find exceptional assistants that had other innate talents such as designing, marketing, sales, and many more.

These individuals can be found via social networking sites such as Linkedin or Facebook groups, freelance websites, and some can be found on outsourcing companies. Majority of personal assistants that were in demand are from Asian countries like India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Thailand. The reason behind is the costs of living which is way cheaper compared to western countries, similar to their salary wages.

Tips to Help Maximise Business Productivity

There’s nothing more significant to a small business than its manpower. If your employees are happy, their productivity will surely increase, and that’s exactly what you need to help your business grow and have more profit gains. Making small changes to customs will extremely improve the levels of office efficiency and productivity in your business. This will permit you to get more quality work done in a shorter span of time as well as lessen the amount of time spent on needless tasks.

Here are tips on how to boost the productivity of your employees:


Designation comes with an element of risk, but bigger responsibility is essential for improving the job satisfaction and morale of your staff. Give responsibilities to competent employees that have an established track record with excellence and success in a certain field, and trust that they will accomplish the tasks well. If you allow your workforce the chance to experience leadership and gain skills, it will surely benefit your company and provide your employees with a sense of attainment and direction in their own career paths.

Efficiency is the Key

Consider how your business is currently running and be open to the possibility of changing the way you work. Remember that it’s equally as significant to make short-term and long-term lists as it is to prioritise tasks especially in a small business. Provide each member of staff with a planned strategy and inspire each to make a list to ensure he or she completes line-up jobs on time and stays focused on task all day resulting in efficient working.

Have the Right Equipment and Tools

Providing employees with the right tools and equipment is vital so they can perform their duties efficiently and right on time. There’s nothing more counterproductive than wasting time waiting for paperwork to print because you haven’t got a fast printing device.

High-standard, modern programs and equipment make an enormous difference not only to the workforce but also to how your business is perceived. Save effort and time by utilising equipment such as a multi-functioning printer; which can work as printer, scanner, copier and fax machine at the same time. It may be costly but in reality, you can save more because you’ll only have to buy one machine.

Decrease Disturbances

A huge example of productivity killer is Social Media, but it is also not practical to have a no-phone policy. Instead, try to keep employees engaged and focused while consenting them breathing room. Encourage employees to turn off their personal gadgets but take regular breaks during which they can relax and be free to check their phones. This may guarantee that the time spent at their desk is more productive and stress-free.

Exercise Positive Reinforcement

Inspire, motivate, encourage compliment and reward. Tell employees they are doing a great job and criticise them constructively. Most significantly, offer incentives for doing the tasks well. You may give out free cinema tickets, discount coupons, gift cheques or free Frappuccino. You should evidently showcase success of one employee to other staff to promote a sense of fulfilment to motivate others. When you encourage your employees to work harder and receive rewards in return, they’re more likely to put improved productivity high up on their to-do list.

Improve Workplace Settings

An environment that’s too hot or too cold disturbs from concentration. A comfortable working temperature is between 68 and 70 degrees F (20-21 C). Ensure both heating and air-conditioning systems are in working order for when the relevant season comes around.

Set Realistic Goals and Offer Support

A common conflict for managers is having no clear, strong sense of whether their employees are high-performing or not. Do your employees need a bonus or an incentive to stay on track? Help them by offering target goals that are feasible and achievable. Provide clear instruction to supervisors and employees to help clarify setting of expectations. This will help to upsurge their productivity as they will have a clear focus and clear plans.

Ensure Employees Are Pleased

A worrying, stressful workplace will not harvest positive results. Employees that constantly function under highly stressful conditions are found to be unhealthy, less productive and have higher levels of absenteeism and disengagement. Showing employees how much the company values, respects and appreciates them on a personal level is gratifying.

Systematised Business Hacks

Are you overawed or behind by all your obligations? Take a look at your present schedule. Do tasks keep showing on your plate, creating business hold-ups because you don’t have time to work on them? These business tailbacks can range from back office-administrative duties, to online write-ups, to email organisation, to anything else which takes you too long to complete. How can you create a simple workflow for business which permits you to achieve more in less time, giving you more time for things you love to do and enjoy?

Here are the top 5 guidelines for business workflow techniques to aid you in getting more of your time back:

Form Time Allocations for Tasks

Since you look after the responsibilities of being the owner and the artist, there are several areas you must emphasise on within your business. Since it can be unbearable to work on everything at once, devote allotted time to each facet. For example, when you are in photographing mode, work on shooting spectacular images for your clients. If you are working on back office tasks, focus on responsibilities within that area.

Become Alert of Time Spent

When you end up a day of work, whether you spent your time adding up artistic edits to your photos or producing blog posts for your past wedding gigs, have you ever felt like you achieved nothing at all? Gaining mindfulness into what you are doing on a daily basis gives perception for tasks which are holding up your development.

So you can get precise targets to allot your time, note down how long every task takes you. If blogging online takes you around  an hour, you know how much time you should put aside for a day of work in that area. Once you set time aside, and notice you may need less or more, make adjustments as needed.

Offshore Non-Income Generating Tasks

As you’re pursuing to grow your business, engaging your focus on tasks which are income-generating is a must. Offshoring non-profit generating (or busy) tasks permits you to emphasize on what you do best. These tasks can emprise trusting a pro to handle of your wedding photo coverage or speedily edit and design your wedding albums.

With the time you get back from offshoring your tasks, make that time count by focusing on income-generating tasks. If you do not make use of the spare time you have in your itinerary and schedule, offshoring or outsourcing becomes a pointless expense.

Put Priority on Essential Tasks

There are always chances to meet a client and new vendor for your business. New tasks and projects can also be disturbing and take up more of your time. Because your time is inadequate, become careful and selective about what projects you accept and which ones you say no to. According to the Canada based award-winning wedding and photographer, CEO and founder of Sprout Studio, Bryan Caporicci, “No matter what you’re doing in your business, no matter what you’re saying yes to, you’re always saying no to something.”

One place to start in prioritising is distinguishing the time between your work and personal life. When it is time for duty, stay engrossed on your detailed tasks for that day. Once work is done, and it is time to do things outside of your business, set aside your business phone! Have a moment for yourself and spend the time you have on what you love to do outside from photography (as an example).

Sustain Emphasis on One Task

When you are at your fullest, how many times do you try engaging on multiple projects at once? The issue with multi-tasking is, it forces you to divide your energy between ventures or projects; meaning you are only giving each task part of your time and focus. For you to fully obligate to each project, produce a distraction-free environment where only your time selected activities can be worked on.

Say, for example, you are in your back-office tasks and you are scanning emails. When you open an email, which needs you to switch focus, note down exactly what you need to do when you hover to that area of your business. Keeping focus on one project at a time guarantees that you will work at your quickest and most efficient way.

Some prefer to play music be played in their office. Music is a valuable resource for attention, focus and productivity.

When you apply systemised business hacks for your business, you may have less time on busy tasks which cannot instantly increase your overall profit.  Understanding exactly what ventures you need to work on, helps you in developing your business and accomplishing your goals each year.