Myths about Personal Injury Law

After you suffer an injury, the last thing any personal injury lawyer needs is you not coming to them for a lawsuit to get the compensation you deserve. Many people are put off hiring a lawyer because of some popular yet untrue myths about the practice of personal injury law.

Some of the most common myths about personal injury law are dangerous to the reputation of the lawyers, so those will be the ones that are debunked first.

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How they get their clients

Personal injury lawyers are not vultures, and they do not chase after ambulances or pester their prospective clients at the scene of an accident. That sort of thing only happens in the movies. In real life, many personal injury lawyers passively get their clients through word of mouth and client testimonials.

This is because most of the people who are in personal injury law are in it to help the victims, not to make a cash grab at your expense.

Another myth is that whoever caused the accident will have to pay from their own pocket, but this isn’t true. Even if one party caused the accident, the other could be found guilty, and it will often be insurance that foots the bill for the reparations.

When clients come to them

Many clients see personal injury lawyers as something they go too only when a major accident takes place. Major accidents cause major injuries, and those are the testimonials most people see on the columbus personal injury attorney advertisements. However, minor injuries are just as worthy as major ones, and if a client has been injured they can get compensation.

If the insurance company settles, they often treat minor injuries as deserving of a minor payout, and that payout might not cover all you need it too. Having a personal injury lawyer on your side will help you get the payout you deserve, no matter the severity of your injury.

Insurance doesn’t cover everything, and they purposefully try to give you the lowest amount possible. Plus, the insurance companies have lawyers and negotiators on there side, so you need one too to even the odds and get you what you deserve during a settlement.

The cost of hiring a lawyer

Lawyers are not as expensive as it might seem, as many lawyers operate on a “contingent fee structure” where they work on the case for free, and they only charge you for a fee if you win your case. The reason this is done is that the law shouldn’t care if you are rich or poor, and this fee structure gives everyone a fair shot at getting representation.

Hopefully, with all these common myths busted, you feel much more confident about hiring and working with personal injury lawyers in the future. They are there to help you out with any injury and make sure you can get the compensation that you are owed. Reach out to a personal injury lawyer and you’ll get all the help you need.