Why Purchase Expensive CRM For Your Business, If There’s Free

Having a CRM (Custom Relationship Management) system is a must for businesses. It doesn’t matter how small or large your business is, having one in your tool kit will greatly improve your overall workflow.

CRM system are available in different packages according to your needs, most of them are really expensive but you get all the features that you need to run your business in the most efficient manner, but there are also affordable and even free CRM, such as Hubspot Free CRM. I was not paid to promote their free product, it’s just I love to share awesome stuff.

These tools can help you manage your business in a way that it can help you manage the whole process of your business, specially your customers or potential clients. To give you an example, if you are in the process of prospecting. You can simply add these contacts to your CRM pipeline which looks like a kanban style, then once these leads are qualified you can drag and drop them to the next step or process. Every email that you sent is also tracked and displayed in a 360 degree view for each contact, so that you will not forget your last message to this specific contact. There you can also set auto-follow ups with your contacts to make sure that you don’t turn warm leads into cold leads. Sending follow-ups is no secret and one of the recipes in closing a deal.

Once you have sent your proposal to your leads, and they have approved. You can now drag them from proposal stage to close or won deals. Most CRM’s also allows multiple users so that if you need help with your sales team, they can assist you and be more productive and closing a bunch of sales, rather than doing it alone. You can also track how good your sales team are performing using sales report by the CRM. There are so many available CRMs nowadays, it’s just a matter of preference. You don’t need a super expensive CRM to manage your contacts, although you might want to try a few to compare.